Wedding Checklist

Wedding Checklist allows you not only to check the various aspects of a wedding but also lets you choose the vendors or suppliers for your various needs. Click on the

Music - It's time to choose your wedding music band or dj, which is one of the most fun parts of planning a wedding.

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Caterer - One of the most important wedding decisions you'll make is what kind of food to have. So finding the perfect wedding caterer is a big deal.

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Wedding Venue / Halls - Find the complete compilation of exotic wedding venues and romantic marriage halls around Goa.

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Sound System - Sound system, audio visual, disco lights, projectors, stage for weddings and parties.

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Cloth Merchant - Find some of the best placeses to buy excellent cloth and exquisite lace materials.

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Florist - For exquisite floral creations for a lasting impression for your wedding Day

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Jewellers - Explore a treasure houses of traditional & contemporary wedding jewellery.

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Videographers - Preserve the elegance and emotions of your wedding on video for the rest of your life.

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Beauty Salon - Beauty Salon specializes in bridal hairstyles, wedding hair updos & makeup for your wedding day.

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Cake - Bakers specialising in wedding cakes, cake stands and decorations, special occasion cakes, breads, pastries, and other baked items.

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Decor Lights - Vendors providing Wedding lights including generator powered white lights, running lights, decorative trees, flower lights, candles and table runners

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Tailors - Make you wedding day really beautiful with elegantly stitched suit, gown and the bridal troupe's attire.

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Decorators - Wedding decorators for wedding halls or venues, wedding backdrops, ceiling decor, table and chair cover deco.

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Car Rental - A beautiful and luxurious car will make the journey a memorable one too, find the vendors to help you do it.

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Photographer - A professional photographer is often the real difference between decent shots and true glamour photography. Find some experienced wedding photographers here.

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Invitation Card - Wedding invitations create the first impression, and deliver vital information for your entire wedding event.

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Transport - Wedding Transportation is all about bringing your family and friends to and from the church and reception, safely.

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