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Tito's - The Past

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Late Mr. Tito Henry De Souza, who wayback in 1971 had a vision of emerging high potential tourism industry. He started his efforts in this direction by setting up a place to cater to the needs of domestic and international tourists visiting Goa, offering a trendy chilled-out place along the coast of Baga - Calangute in Goa in India.

It was the time of the hippies and the flower power generation. The hippies and other young people from Western Europe and the Americas were searching for Nirvana or Spiritual Salvation and Goa seemed to put them on the right track. The Goans also accepted these peaceful and gentle people whole heartedely. Life in Goa was simple then. No motorbikes, cars and restaurants.

It was here and in this environment that Tito Henry de Souza who had traveled extensively decided to settle down and also provide a place for all the expats to meet up.

Tito's is still the place to gather info on the various things happening along the Goan coast.

Club Tito's - The Present


Titos, the discotheque and Night Club is set up along the beautiful coast of Baga. Tito's, today offers one of the best equipped, acoustically designed discotheque and caters to the tourist, both; international and domestic, flocking Goa. The Entertainment is offered all round the year.

So much is the name Titos, synchronous in tourist minds visiting Goa, that it is often said "A trip to Goa without a visit to Tito's is incomplete".

Renowned celebrities and VVIP's from across the industry, be it Sports, ShowBiz, or Business Houses, frequent Club Tito throughout the year. Titos Management, takes due care to offer a hygenic and peaceful environment in and around tito's campus.

One thing is for sure, you are bound to remember the time of your life you've spent enjoying the finest moments at Cafe Mambos and Titos.

Hence, the punchline of Tito's reads - Tito's... where else?!

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