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The Wedding Checklist

Wedding Day is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, where the dreams of the couple all come true. The dream can become a reality if it is planned and most importantly, budgeted well, considering today's wedding celebrations cost a lot of money. Both the families generally share wedding expenses. Now-a-days the couple themselves pays for their wedding expenses with an exception of few expenses like Jewellery etc. Sit down with your respective families and discuss the type of wedding you want to have and use the following list of items to choose what they would like to pay for.


Bride’s engagement dress
Groom’s engagement suit

Engagement party
Engagement ring
Other Jewellery
Invitation cards
Bride’s dress
Bride’s accessories
Bridesmaid’s dress
Bridesmaid’s accessories
Groom’s suit
Groom’s accessories
Best Man’s suit & accessories
Bachelor/Spinster party
Flowers (fresh or handmade)
   - for the bride
   - for buttonholes
   - for the Hall
Hall rental
Hall décor
   - lights
   - tables
   - chairs
   - canopy
   - centerpiece
   - tablepiece
   - backdrop
   - confetti for guests

Church expenses
Bridal cars
Other transport (Bus)
   - for Parents
   - for Brothers/Sisters
   - for relatives
   - for each other
Post wedding Dinner
Tips and other miscellaneous Items add 10 %

1. You may have further Items to add to this checklist.
2. It is advisable to keep aside a buffer of approx. 10% to take care of increased costs and other unforeseen expenditure.

Once all the tentative expenses are listed down you need to decide how much you want to spend. The most important advice we can offer both to you and your parents is: Whatever you do, don’t start your married life in debt. Weddings come in a variety of types and sizes, one is not necessarily better than the other based on the size or how much money you spend.

It’s amazing how fast wedding costs can exceed the planned budget. If you find yourself in the position of needing to trim back to make everything fit within your budget, consider the following:
• Avoid peak wedding days and seasons.
• Consider a daytime versus evening wedding.
• Cut back on the guest list.
• Determine what is important to you.
• Don’t be afraid to shop around for best bargains.
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Having done your homework, you are free to go on your shopping spree without a worry. You know where to stop yourself and what to indulge yourself in.

Your dream has finally come true !!!