Bridal Accessories

Bridal Accessories

Flowers seem to celebrate the special ceremonies of life, providing lasting imagery of special occasions. Flowers add colour & beauty; complement your dress & adorn you with elegance. They are an important part of any celebration as they express love & appreciation.

At weddings, flowers should be decorative, stylish & totally memorable. Although fresh flowers look beautiful, they dry & wilt easily and may not always be the ones you desire. That is why most people go in for artificial flowers. Flowers could be crafted from velvet, organdie or satin. Bead sprays and ribbons could be added as accessories. Fresh ferns may be added on the day of the wedding itself to enhance the beauty of the flowers.
Consider the following suggestions to add special flair to you wedding day.

Bridal Bouquet

The Colour Scheme

Colour can be an extremely effective way of drawing together the total look. Traditionally the bride's bouquet was white with leaves & ferns but today with video memories, it is evident that a coloured bouquet is picturesque against a white bridal gown. The colour scheme chosen should complement the fashions worn by the bridal attendants. Some attractive colour schemes are peach & purple; red & yellow; cream & maroon. This scheme should be followed for all the other decorations.


Flowers could be crafted from velvet, organdie but most people prefer to use satin as it has an elegant shiny appearance. To choose the flowers & the arrangement of the bouquet, it is best to see photographs which will give you an idea of how it would blend with your personality. The floral bouquet should also be of the appropriate size & design to enhance your wedding attire. Bead sprays & ribbon could be added as accessories.
Fresh ferns can be added the day before the wedding or on the day itself to enhance the beauty of the flowers.

Choosing The Right Florist

Florists are true experts in designing floral arrangement and will help co-ordinate a totally balance design throughout. Always give the florist as much information as possible about your preferences, prejudices & ideas on colour. They will need to know details about the style & shade of the complete wedding attire. Fabric samples may be of great help.