Bridal Accessories cont..

Bridal Headgear

Bridal Headgear

For the headgears, you could choose one made of beads in the form of a tiara or a combination of small flowers with beads.

For The Bride's Attendants

The colour scheme chosen should complement the colour of the dress. The flowers could be carried either as a poesy or with any other creative backdrop such as a leaf fan or bow. The headgear should be made to suit the hairstyle for the occasion. The flower girl normally carries a small basket of flowers and the pageboy could carry the ring tray.

NThe Bridegroom & Bestman

The bridegroom usually wears a white button hole made of carnations and the bestman can use white or any colour of the scheme.

Church Flowers

Flowers as the end of each pew, windows, steps, pillars altar arrangements and baskets at the entrance will enhance the beauty of any church or place of worship. These should be large & visible from a distance. It may be possible to share the cost of decorating the church if another couple is sharing your wedding mass.

The Car

The car is normally spruced up with paper or organdie flowers & ribbons, although satin flowers could also be used. You could make small sprays using ferns and bows to crate a more decorative look.

At The Reception

You can select a dazzling floral display’s that will complement the interior décor of the reception site. Flowers also make a delightful backdrop for wedding photographs & become a focal point for the toast.

The Cake

The flowers on the cake should blend with the general colour scheme. So seek your florist’s advice & share your ideas freely to create an atmosphere of welcome & festivity.