The Bridal Entourage


Best Man

He is usually a bachelor, the younger brother or a very close friend of the Bridegroom. He looks after the various payments to be made at the reception. He carries the bride’s ring and bouquet to the church. He looks after the bridal couple at the reception.

Maid of Honour

She is usually an unmarried adult (the brides younger sister or close friend) and her duties are similar to those of the best man. She assists the bride in dressing. Holds the bride’s flowers in the church and may carry the groom’s wedding ring. She assists the bride by carrying her train. She looks after the gifts received from the guests.
A married woman is known as a Matron of Honour and her duties are the same as the Maid of Honour.



They look after the guests at the wedding reception and encourage them to participate in all the activities. They make sure that the guests arrive on time by supervising transport to church/venue. They ensure that the events of the day proceed smoothly.


They are single or married contemporaries of the bride. They assist the Maid of Honour in her duties and look after the lady guests at the party.

Pageboy and Flower Girl

Flower Girls

They are between 3 and 7 years. They carry flowers and precede the bride down the aisle.

Ring Bearer/Page Boy

They are between 3 and 7 years. They walk with the flowers girls and carry the rings on a velvet cushion.
Flower Girls and Page Boys are usually very small kids. The younger the kids, the prettier they look. It advisable to coach them before the reception. However, adults should accept their tantrums and moodiness and not enforce strict regulations on them.