The Wedding Plan

Bridal Headgear

Not later than 3 months before the wedding

   * Order the invitation cards and edit your guest list.
   * Choose your florist and discuss your preferences
   * Order your gown/suit and other accessories.
   * Make transport arrangements for the guests, if necessary.

Not later than two months

   * Agree on the menu with the caterer
   * Prepare your trousseau.
   * Select the wedding rings.
   * Send out invitations and draw up a list of preferred wedding gifts.
   * Book suitable transport (Bus, Cars etc.)
   * Consult your Parish Priest to discuss the liturgy and prepare booklets, if required.

Wedding Buffet

Not later than four weeks

   * Meet the band leader/ D.J. and discuss the choice of music, bridal special etc.
   * Meet the compere and discuss details of the reception.
   * Make your wedding day appointment with the hair dresser.
   * Have a final dress/suit fitting.
   * Buy gifts if required for your Bachelor/Spinster party and ‘Roce’ party. Invite your guests accordingly.

Not later two weeks

   * Confirm the arrangements you have made with the caterer, band, compere, transport, photographer, videographer, choir, hairdresser, beautician & travel agent (for your honeymoon).
   * Try out your wedding dress with all accessories.
   * Pick up your wedding rings
   * Appoint people for the liturgical reading at the nuptials.

Not later than one week

   * Contact all guests and request them to arrive on time.
   * Give the final number to your caterer.
   * Place all outstanding dues to the choir, compere, caterer, band etc. in individually marked and sealed envelopes.
   * Hand these envelopes to the Bestman for disbursement on the wedding day.
   * Pack for your honeymoon.

Wedding Bands/Rings

The Day before

   * Keep your outfits, accessories and wedding rings ready.
   * Delegate responsibilities for the wedding day i.e. appoint people to decorate the hall, car & church, to distribute mass booklets (if any) to arrange for offering gifts and other symbols.
   * If you are leaving for your honeymoon directly from the venue, then arrange for the luggage to be delivered at the venue.

End all celebrations early and get a good night's sleep.